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Did you play an instrument when you were younger and love the idea of trying it again? Are your children interested in trying an instrument? What size of guitar, violin or cello is right for your child? Does the thought of a noisy drum kit in the house terrify you and your neighbours?

We offer a wide range of musical instruments for hire for short or extended periods.

  • Why not try the guitar again
  • Upgrade to electric or bass for a bit more fun
  • Test out an electric or acoustic drum kit
  • Try out a keyboard before buying one
  • Give a banjo or ukulele a go
  • Hire a microphone and speaker to practice singing or public speaking or debating
  • Hire a PA for an event with setup and delivery without the need for a DJ
  • Hire an amp for band practice or an instrument while yours is in for repair
We cater for all musical instrument and sound equipment needs for students, beginners, and intermediate musicians so that you can make the best decisions and choices before investing in a new instrument. Contact us now to see how we can help you.

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